a quote or two from the antioedipus papers

“But that’s the direction things are going in: to each his own Free-Press, his own pop music, his own pad, etc. And in all that, centralism like we’ve never seen before.”
–Félix Guattari, The Anti-Oedipus Papers, ca. 1970-1971

Mona would like to reVise this to read:

The direction being each her Own BlogPress... andits positive. good, eh, Felix! O happy One
O Felix Culpa!

Heres aNOTHER bit from the Papers.

Notes fromm11/23/1970

Im trying to read The Archeology of Knowledge by Foucault; but it's so hard for me to get through this kind of thing. It seems to me that your friend is getting
lost in linguistics and other structures.

Reading Felix is refreshing; to know such a smart man, had the doubts he did, the struggles and the force to keep going. what a character. and to this connection between him and papa deleuze an energy force creation ...

indeed. one walks far to find this. what strange machine of body and text.