Underskog : FORART LECTURE 2007: Eric Alliez on "Specters of Seurat - a different history of modern painting"

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Eric ALLIEZ: “Specters of Seurat – a different history of modern painting”

OM TEMAET: In this lecture Eric Alliez will present a radically non-modernist history of modern painting: a history that replaces the habitual focus on the relation between painting and form with a focus on the relation between painting and force. Here he will return to the work of the ....painter Georges Seurat – or, more precisely, to the divergent artistic paths created by Marcel Duchamp and Henri Matisse on the basis of their encounters with the work of Seurat. To examine the returns of Seurat in this way opens onto an experience of the truly spectral effects of what Walter Benjamin called the “work of art in the age of its technical reproduction”. The aim of this lecture is then not so much to redefine modernity in art as to suggest a new archeology of contemporary art.

OM FORELESEREN: Eric Alliez is a French philosopher and Senior Research Fellow in Modern European Philosophy in the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy at Middlesex University. His books include Capital Times (1991; trans. 1996), The Signature of the World: What is Deleuze and Guatarri’s Philosophy? (1993; trans. 2004), De l’impossibilité de la phénoménologie (1995; 2006), La Pensée-Matisse (with Jean-Claude Bonne, 2005) and L’oeil-cerveau. Nouvelles histoires de la peinture moderne (with Jean-Clet Martin, 2007). Alliez is also one of the editors of the journal Multitudes.


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