abscences omissions in Dosse's biography of Guattari et Deleuze

Dosse's biograhy of GuaTTARi and Deleuze Biographie
croisée, _seems to suggest the french title of William Burrough's and Brion Gysin's book The Third Mind__Oeuvre croisée __ its a grand book
and this thorough book odes the double third minding work of desiremachiners Pierre Felix Guattari and Professor Challenger Deleuze



Guattari as Saint in Italy
during the grand period
of the Autonomes and the Metropolitan Indians

sadly either mister Dosse didnt
or doesnt know
about the relationsthat
Guattari struck up with

writers living in London
in th e80's

nor the relations he had with Laing if any
and what their rapport was... we know Guattari
had written two strongly critical
articles about Mary Barne's
and the

approach that Laing took with the schizos he worked
Guattari thought the Laingian method was still too too familial...

his criticism of Mary Barnes went further,
he states that Mary was not even schizo
but that her brother Peter was the real schizo
at Kingsly Hall
and thereby not releasing nor realizing the
schizo charge of the energy contained
in the milieu of the same....

I find this ironic as Guattari himself
still believed, at the time, in shock therapy
and in the use of medication
with 'crazy' people.... in some ways,
the practice of the French analyst
lagged behind, in my opinion, Laingian
and others actual practice
and their day to day care of the schizos
and pyschotics in their care.....
Guattari was ahead
but i think the practices
at Labord
were not so far ahead,
at least,
not in all respects....

Guattari's essay on Laing
is called the Me Divided
and Mary Barnes...
eng. translations of them
are in Gary Genosko's
The Guattari Reader



Way back then Kathy Acker wrote me telling
me how
'Felix hugs me all the time'

and what other underground
dances of surf and love
were extended
around the lasso of
desir e missives

between Felix
the Cat


and others multiplied over sea and sagesse

in any poetic event we learn
more of
the events and becomings they constitute


Bifo's new book about Guattari

we 'll learn more about the relation of theory to practice that traverse the work of the French analyst and the conjunctions and disjunctions of its connect to Professor Deleuze ~

I am not sure who wrote the following description of the project book, but it sounds like a good book to combine with Dosses to gain a more complete picture of the times and of Guattari's role in them....

lix Guattari: Thought, Friendship, and Visionary Cartography, by Franco Berardi

“Bifo, originates in the author’s close personal acquaintance with Félix Guattari’s writings and political engagement in the context of Berardi Bifo’s activism in Italian autonomist politics and his ongoing collaboration with Guattari in the 1970s and 1980s. This biography gains distinction from its keen insight into Guattari’s political practice and from a precise understanding of how this practice relates to the theoretical and conceptual aspects of Guattari’s writings, alone and with Gilles Deleuze. Thanks to an approach at once personal and theoretically well informed, Bifo’s biography provides a clear and accessible introduction to Guattari’s works. This edition also includes a critical introduction and a 2005 interview with Bifo on a range of topics relating Guattari’s works to the current political conjuncture. "

I first became of this new book by way of
the Spanish IMaNencia Blog
which you go to directly
this way >

In Dosse's biography
you can find out that before he died Guattari was working on a book with Virilio. Maybe one day we'll say in some form or another... who knows, what interesting sections and drafts were written.....

before Guattari's unexpected death.

And the day he died the patients at LaBorde Clinique
wept ~