"Melancholic Biunivocality"

_____________________ Felix the cat was never foregone in the Deleuze territoires.. always a winter of deciion and existential deterritorializations. Felix was the ranger of the forest.
"....After Guattari embarked on his last line of flight, .( A beautiful never read before phrase... of ......Deleuze wrote a short article in the Winter Chimeres (1992-93) entitled ‘For Felix’, in which he wrote, not “about the books we wrote together, but about the books he [Guattari] wrote on his own” (Deleuze 2006: 382). Deleuze’s short piece concludes:

“Felix’s work is waiting to be discovered or rediscovered. That is one of the best ways to keep Felix alive. Perhaps the most painful aspects of remembering a dead friend are the gestures and glances that still reach us, that still come to us long after he is gone. Felix’s work gives new substance to these gestures and glances, like a new object capable of transmitting their power” (Deleuze 2006: 383). "

----------------- Our father deleuze who art in guattari while my guattari gently wepts weeps the stringing curse of deterritorialization.

We kick of f the melancholics .. But we receive their griefs as shadows on meadows.

Melancholic Biunivocality