Pierre Felix Guattari's birthDay

Pierre Félix Guattari (March 30, 1930 ----- now isn't that cool that he was born. Born sucha day. back then. 1930. picture that. picture it. picture this. born becoming born.e.

what a birth to the world. its thought.praise persuasion and praise.

writing these
albeit in translalalalalations

The human subject is not a straightforward matter; Descartes was wrong to
suggest it was sufficient merely to think in order to be. On the one hand, there
are all kinds of ways of existing that lie outside the realm of consciousness;
and, on the other, a thinking which struggles only to gain a hold on itself
merely spins ever more crazily. Like a whirling top, it gains no proper purchase
on the real territories of existence, as they slide and drift like the tectonic
plates that underpin the continents. We should perhaps not speak of subjects,
but rather of components of subjectification, each of which works more or less
on its own account. Necessarily, this would lead us to re-examine the relation
between the individual and subjectivity, and, above all, to distinguish clearly
between the two concepts. The individual would appear in his/her actual
position, as a 'terminal' for processes involving human groups, socio-economic
ensembles, data-processing machines: a terminal through which, of course, not
all the vectors of subjectification necessarily pass. Interiority would appear as a
quality produced at the meeting-point of multiple components which are
relatively mutually autonomous - in certain cases, openly discordant .


picture it

three ecologies ~
“How to produce it, collect it, enrich it, reinvent it permanently in order to make it compatible with mutant Universes of value?”