A student of seminars ....

that great Moment when Felix was saying that Deleuze never took lacan seriously. And guattari is going about the madness of the whole clinky clank yack of the mathemes and the rest of the high falutin jargon. No one took that seriously. He never invented the way the other guy did the Adam Smith of analysis...

I mean it takes a real nutcase paranoiac to believe that suture stuff is real. Its like Genet buggering around with so and so and I wont say his name! then throwing his pen out the window!

_____________Come along with your hiatus .a mental case knows better. writing the Unrepressed is hard work much harder than writing depressed shit with no life in it at all.

Well I got news for you Genet was never depresed he was just unhappy with his work

Felix was not writing until he met Gilles. That is Franny told me. No No I dont mean Fanny Deleuze. I mean Franny Guattari.
_________________________There are many signifier cops in philosophy and this decadent lack of discipline known as 'psychoanalysis' but its mostly a scam some phone sitting there not SAYING A WORD>

--------------------------------------------------------the perverse police of the brain.