how(l) does this

 How(l) does this       the name Guattari and  work. the    did he? he did?hedidjya

      fr me does fr .   as 'i've'  read. Understood refrained     attained. .  machinic . 


              My               work to come  

its becomings to action and thought.  the various blogospheres I work through. As 

minoritization is not the practice of living inside an office. But that one's office extends 

throughout the whole wide world of your passion. And to be neighborly. How does one 
                                            ( a map cartography to the whole wide world)
                                                       (as I've always unde rst ood it the world
                                                                      where you're drawn magnetized)

                     assist? and how to under take what is meaningful for oneself. It's not
                                                               about power . for sure.

 to Assist is not a surety that success will prevail
nor that things will 'work' 'out'

as it changes hourly in  
the moment of   grieving  screaming  widows 

   the war brides and babies
nor that the 'class' system of dictatorship
the passions filled with the head mad passions
of women  and men  headbrains  crushed by ideas assumptions
relativities  fast speeding ideas
nor the speed of vehicules and jets
sonic bombing'll bring victory nor
that 'right' is right or left to right of its own beside itself right
as the righteous always imagine right
 o r god is on their 'side' 
nor the mov'ment of history ,,
history's mov'ments the histrionics of 
and the cars rushing across the desert
 Rommel's ghost hovers
nor the Egyptian armies fed up in the night
and the Pyramids   the tourist colonies
and the pleasure seekers
and  world wide consumers the bellies of greed

no gurantee no guarantees 'in the western world'

if the enlightyenment had not come
what savage curse of barbarism

what war and destituin of exterminatiin
could 've been avoided

 and the schizophrenic stammer continues the man lying facedown sideways 

__________________________Nor your head in your arse. Nor  withholding love.  friends.  engaging in reterritorializations  preventing  life  flowing. your head up your ass. and  citing the shy virgin to the matters at hand. playing hold on instead of hold out. nor is it about prideful and arrogant.

The  great Arab awakening and  revolt that  George Antonious    wrote about     the Arab Awakening      many years  years ago   has come again  and this time it it reaches higher further and perhaps across the cosmos itself.

The Cosmos the KoSmOs t he OSMosis of its war weary war