No we have to have Hope we have to continue doing that

The Libya revolutionaries and people are more or less in a similar situation to what the Spanish people were during the Spanish civil war.

The world will do nothing until its interests are affected. Moral questions are not at all connectecd. It's all about oil and the price of oil.

The horrible truth is that a divided and broken Libya will suit 

everyone's i.e. the various powers to be ___

 interests just fine.

Genuine democracies
are not defacto

in the interests of the



 its like

No we have to have
we have to continue doing that

 Please Please people
do not a abandon us. Do more than just watch

and the revolutionaries remind us

that this

 is not civil war.

 The various countries that colonized North Africa are complicit.

 Suddenly the Americans and the rest of them want to do the right thing; Hypocrites, two faced self interested  . Empire. What did we expect?

This . ANd nothing else. Who'd have been foolish  to believe otherwise
 A weak Libya will be easier to manipulate. after it's over.


AMY GOODMAN: For more on the issue of a no-fly zone, we 

go to Libya.Democracy Now! correspondent Anjali Kamat 

spoke to a member of the Libyan opposition in Benghazi 

about foreign intervention and a no-fly zone.

ESSAM GHERIANI: Well, I am Essam Gheriani. I am a

field member of the Coalition of the 17th of

February. We keep very close contact with the

transitional—the provisional national council.

ANJALI KAMAT: Can you explain what the position of

the council is on the issue of foreign intervention in

ESSAM GHERIANI: Our position, the provisional

national council’s position, was made very clear

through the request that we put out about five or six

days ago. And it was a very logistical intervention

that included a no-fly zone, imposition of no-fly zone

over Libya, also the bombardment of certain

locations such as the barracks where he keeps his

mercenaries, his Bab al-Azizia compound and other

security forces barracks that he has around Tripoli

and near to Sabha and near to Tripoli, as well. We

did not request, and we insist on not requesting, any

land troops intervention.
ANJALI KAMAT: Do you believe that international

intervention is needed in order to liberate all of


ESSAM GHERIANI: I mean, we’ve been hearing lots of

the European Union and the United States and the

United Nations—I wouldn’t want to say they’re

taking their own sweet time in order to negotiate or

to discuss the Libyan issue. What I would like to—I

would like of them to realize that every day that

goes on, more casualties are falling. And now, with

our small armed forces, the casualties have become

on both sides. As long as this thug is not dealt with

internationally and directly, I think this situation

could go on for a long time, because he’s got the

money, which we don’t, and he’s got the military

equipment that we don’t.
ANJALI KAMAT: And finally, I’ve read a lot of

commentators in the West fearing that what’s

happening in Libya could lead to a civil war erupting

in Libya.
ESSAM GHERIANI: There is no such possibility,

because civil wars needs, I mean, warring parties.

OK, we don’t have any warring parties. We have the

people of Libya on one side against Gaddafi and his

thugs on the other side. That’s what we have.
ANJALI KAMAT: Given that the international

community has long held Muammar Gaddafi to be a

sort of a pariah and imposed sanctions on him

previously, what impact do you think sanctions or an

ICC even an arrest warrant would have on his power?
ESSAM GHERIANI: The military intervention that we

had requested, we are quite confident that the

moment that it is applied, that it is—that a step

towards it is taken, the Gaddafi regime would fall

within 48 hours. We don’t expect it to survive more

than that. It’s just a matter that right now he has

absorbed the first shock of the revolution over the

first week. And now we know that, daily, there are

mercenaries that are coming into Libya from the

south, and he’s moving them towards the north.
Now, it would be a tragedy if the international

community would allow him, through the use of

mercenaries, to retake the country. Do they think

that if he retakes over the country, is there any

moral ground or ethical ground to deal with such a

regime? I don’t know. I don’t think so. And I believe

there isn’t. But some other politicians may look at it

a different way. And I hope that they do not think

that there is ever a possibility to deal with such a

Time is very, very crucial.

Libya is a very small

population, where, I mean, even the death of one

person is a big loss, let alone the death of hundreds.

And today, we’re talking about more than 3,500

deaths that we can assume have taken place. This is

ridiculous. This is shameful for the international

community to allow such a massacre to take place

and keep on taking their own sweet time to discuss

whether to interfere or not to interfere. I think,

morally, they’re obligated to take a quick position and

save this country and put a stop or put an end to the

bloodshed that we’re facing.

______________________________________ Better food banks working out the U.N. than thriving and self sufficient democracies.


Even Amy goodman does not get it. She keeps using the word Rebel leader, and rebels. What's wrong with these people?