See the

See the ABCDE of my M'Other Mofather Gilles Deleuze.Or Felix smoking on the last day of his life; he coughs the tears comethto his eyes; he smiles; dies that day; to die is good also. as is to beborn; I Duffy Clifford

I amm not your your mothers.

Our Mother which art in immanence.

Where are you Michael Milton?

I was always ButtocksMaria, Sister Prudence Isidore Isou the LettristPoet from Romainia; I was Lezbeen as well. I have made thee laughter with
my Vatican; and my Second Million Guattaris in the web rhizome. She has
made thee laughter with her Italian; O THeoligians! O list devotees shall
we speak of elebration and ebriety of priests?? Shall we speak of Water in
my daughter? She has said she has said it was one land ; of love and wheat;

I am all the names in herstory;
Yungerandeasilyfreudened?? JJ in FW. She marries this between entering the debt the ebbfloward  ~ .
gosh!your word~darn gosh your golly!~ take off yer clothes show the old men at the table       ~.
Shall we see with an eye, or hear with an ear? A body without organs or
grants dispensation? The IOG means the invention of god which translates
as the Multiple of Polytheism;

O lovers, O friends, O I have met many Travellos in my times; the courage
to be;

                                                           shall we