Knowledge against Financial Capitalism

Teatro Valle Occupato

its all in Italian and everyone sure looks good in the video But what are they saying?
   Whats Mister Bifo telling them what' s he suggestin?

Who knows ?

  Who knows but it's gotta be good and interesting   wit h the idea of making a space for one's selves
out the schizee capitalist mess  of the muddy dirty world of war and medals of honor and the rest of the mad world's crazy ways there gotta  a be a way an d an more than one than one to find one's way out and off the directions they be going in ~

_________________________think and dance and read and question O
    ______________________________ you young anticapitalist
 ________________________________Wanters Thinkers and Dreamers      ~.

______________________  Poste RestAnTe    ~naturally there are other  vidoes in this one that do connect to the subject at hand as it moves in ripples and around to other fields and subjects.