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 ""We are not manufacturing consent -- as Noam Chomsky says. It is continuing consent, we are part of it; it is part of what we do. We breathe in this language from authority and we put it out again." "

In conversation with Robert Fisk | rabble.ca

------------------I never give advice; I am just a journalist," he maintains. "The British have been giving advice to the Irish for 800 years, to the Americans for 300 years, we spend our lives giving advice to people, which [is] very often completely wrong."
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Jan 21, 2013 - Feb 02, 2013

Veteran Middle East journalist Robert Fisk has “seen it all” in his 30+ years of international journalism. Yet perhaps nothing could compare to the upheavals in the Middle East which began in 2011 – what some have termed the “Arab Spring.” Join us, as Fisk talks about his reporting from the epicentre of the tensions with his honest and insightful perspective.
Toronto (York U.), ON - Mon, Jan 21, 02:00 PM. Full Details
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Robert Fisk on Al-Qaeda in North Africa & the Legacy of the Arab Spring