Guattari could not dance__________|How does one Spell?

  it's  interesting to learn that Guattari was unable to dance. it was  i guess, his depression or hieractic persona __ i cld hear that the first time i heard his voice __ due to the depression he was living the last years.
                                                    and that depression was political  for the moster part

  but also quite a personal one

bu t where did you hear of ever Mister Molecule dancing?

did he?

 and his last relations with Josephine the cocaine addict was peculiar? whence this absence of practical knowledge of groups

surrounding that may have helped

 ie a 12 step group and its capacity to change the person's epistemology   and thus their way of relating to repetions and addictions that are not productive but leading to dead ends or black out holes and unwhole holes.


Guattari never understood the comedy that goes to make up Ulysses he was reading at the time of his death . i canjust

See it he read it too Literally expecting? perhaps something the great comic writer had not put in


something esoteric of which there's nothing at all there.

But then, perhaps and most like ly I misread Felix Guattari's last days   ..

at least his reading days.

perhaps and surely he would have written something striking bold and original about Ulysses just
   as he had written   about Genet's last works.

 Guattari had the uncanny ability to enter into the originality of a n author's project (in the existential sense of the  the life 'projet' of an individual) in the same way he did of entering a patient's state of mind, and the reality of a permanently painful existence. This was a parallel talent that went  with his reading an author; the idea of clinical critical that Deleuze speaks about.
it's an interesting notion whereby literature is seenas either a  treatment or a map of the sickness? i am not sure...

I like the the Model of Schizophrenia as the world Map in Flight. perhaps in there one can tie up fit the notion of literary production as being either healthy or sick. But I distrust the word health, even when Guattari or Deleuze uses it. Even Nietzsche used the word, if i remember right, in ways that i was not ateast with. that sense that things can be reduced never appeals to me.

And this idea of literature as critical clinical is surely a provocative one. but not limited to literature but

can and ought to be applied to philosophy. and other disciplines and the crazy world itself. of course.

In any event these are ideas to consider not dogmas to believe or assent to.


Imagine a dog
and a ma


the ass

how does one spell?

                                (how does one smell! )(
 and the bottom line   ------here    as in anything else is it's not Guattari the person that counts

             Bu t the work the legacy  the effect        that Guattari effect   &

how you apply it to your own life

_                                                                  ________________ right  Felix?