Pierre, Or The Ambiguities - pg. 262


  Every night at 8 o'clock Felix and his children/patients/citizens wld. read this book aloud a passage a day or night becoming ambiguous as a wave particle kicking or 
 licking the Son.


Not here and now can we set down the precise contents of Pierre's letter, without a tautology illy doing justice to the ideas themselves. And though indeed the dread of tautology be the continual torment of some earnest minds, and, as such, is surely a weakness in them; and though no wise man will wonder at conscientious Virgil all eager at death to burn his AEneid for a monstrous heap of inefficient superfluity; yet not to dread tautology at times only belongs to those enviable earth, with the inexhaustible self-riches of vanity, and folly, a blind self-complace

Herman Melville


__________________________ Many was the time the book was closed before their eyes last minute drifted into folded sleep. _________________