The Butcher of Benghazi


Tyrants and monsters don't let go / without chopping and hacking at their 'subjects' but sooner or 
later every subject rebels against its sentence.

And shame on the Europeans, 
          shame on the British
Shame on the Italians, and the French 
for their oil double dealing with the bum tyrant
the sickly punch drunk tryant as petty as a Nero   ~
   shame on the Americans for not lifting a finger

Shame on  them for what they do not do

Shame on t heir own torture machines 

 Where is the useless American machine now? it cant do anything by definition its nature is to be a beast.
its strata ed nature  only permits to work against the great movements of democracy   ~

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    1. Crowd still protesting in front of Libyan embassy in Zamalek. Calling Qadaffi a butcher. #Egypt
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Uprising across the Arab world:

Gaddafi: What now for Libya’s dictator, and where does Britain stand?


Scum bag son of a dictator gangster speaks out showing himself for the idiot scum that he is... a liar and the son of a murderer.


 Scum bag tyrant and his son in cahoots. and Marwan Bishara reveals the meaning of his rant   see the below.

Desperate speech'
Marwan Bishara, Al Jazeera's senior analyst, termed Seif al-Islam's speech as "desperate".
"It sounded like a desperate speech by a desperate son of a dictator who's trying to use blackmail on the Libyan people by threatening that he could turn the country into a bloodbath.
"That is very dangerous coming from someone who doesn't even hold an official role in Libya - so in so many ways, this could be the beginning of a nightmare scenario for Libya if a despotic leader puts his son on air in order to warn his people of a bloodbath if they don't listen to the orders or the dictates of a dictators."

"It's also fascinating how he threatened the West with chaos in Libya and then threatened Libyans with Western intervention, because as he put it, that would turn Libya into a decentralised country allowing various Islamist groups to take over which the West would not allow," Marwan Bishara said.
The younger Gaddafi offered to put forward reforms within days that he described as a "historic national initiative" and said the regime was willing to remove some restrictions and begin discussions for a constitution. He offered to change a number of laws, including those covering the media and the penal code.'

Gangster reforms for a dying regime of murderers. The butchers and their families are the Libyan equivalent to that other gang of murderers  from the old days in Romainia , the maniacs 

Nicolae Ceauşescu  On Christmas Day, 25 December, the two were sentenced to death by a military court on charges ranging from illegal gathering of wealth togenocide, and were executed in Târgoviște. The video of the trial shows that, after sentencing, they had their hands tied behind their backs and were led outside the building to be executed.

The Ceaușescus were executed by a firing squad consisting of elite paratroop regiment soldiers: Captain Ionel Boeru, Sergant-Major Georghin Octavian and Dorin-Marian Cirlan,[13] while reportedly hundreds of others also volunteered. The firing squad began shooting as soon as they were in position against a wall. The firing happened too soon for the film crew covering the events to record it.[14] After the shooting, the bodies were covered with canvas. The hasty trial and the images of the dead Ceaușescus were videotaped and the footage promptly released in numerous western countries. Later that day, it was also shown on Romanian television.[15][16]"

 This fate  will eventually come to the Libyan hyena and his toadies, his lackies his second hand men, his dollar a day a week tough guys all big with guns in their hands, and not tough enough to  fight ordinary people on their own terms.

I pray that the desert eats them alive and  that they are haunted by t he ghost s
of the hundreds they have wounded and killed . Not just now, but over 
the years.

This is what is going to happen to that bum  Gaddafi the hyena     ~ the monster murderer madman. ____________________

and Robert Fisk writes:

Cruel. Vainglorious. Steeped in blood. And now, surely, after more than four decades of terror and oppression, on his way out?

Robert Fisk on Muammar Gaddafi, tyrant of Tripoli
 Tuesday, 22 February 2011
So even the old, paranoid, crazed fox of Libya – the pallid, infantile, droop-cheeked dictator from Sirte, owner of his own female praetorian guard, author of the preposterous Green Book, who once announced he would ride to a Non-Aligned Movement summit in Belgrade on his white charger – is going to ground. Or gone. Last night, the man I first saw more than three decades ago, solemnly saluting a phalanx of black-uniformed frogmen as they flappered their way across the sulphur-hot tarmac of Green Square on a torrid night in Tripoli during a seven-hour military parade, appeared to be on the run at last, pursued – like the dictators of Tunis and Cairo – by his own furious people.
The YouTube and Facebook pictures told the story with a grainy, fuzzed reality, fantasy turned to fire and burning police stations in Benghazi and Tripoli, to corpses and angry, armed men, of a woman with a pistol leaning from a car door, of a crowd of students – were they readers of his literature? – breaking down a concrete replica of his ghastly book. Gunfire and flames and cellphone screams; quite an epitaph for a regime we all, from time to time, supported.
And here, just to lock our minds on to the brain of truly eccentric desire, is a true story. Only a few days ago, as Colonel Muammar Gaddafi faced the wrath of his own people, he met with an old Arab acquaintance and spent 20 minutes out of four hours asking him if he knew of a good surgeon to lift his face. This is – need I say it about this man? – a true story. The old boy looked bad, sagging face, bloated, simply "magnoon" (mad), a comedy actor who had turned to serious tragedy in his last days, desperate for the last make-up lady, the final knock on the theatre door."

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