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No 1 post to Fanny said: > > Dear Fanny, I read your posting
> no one but you replied, I was so sad at the time! I blubbered an
> about languages and everyone else's - same question Jill asked! B ud cried > all night! Anyhow - So do we know for sure how many languages Gilles
> French, after all, look at all those books!- - We know he spoke Fren
> spoke? We know he spoke, that is certain, and even that he wrote and spoke in ch!
ld you mind asking Regininanininia if she knows, and what she knows, and > > w
> Gina said you replied to her in private! Gosh, how discrete! Anyhow, > > wo uhether she knows. I can find out about Pierre, and I think you must > know that he spoke and read English/Italian and perhaps wrote them - look at all
ire! > and old Basaglia himself! > As for Gilles' side, Fanny sai
> the years and work he did at Radio Alice, in Italy with Toni! Radio Radio > Radio, come in please, come in please, Pschiatria Democratia, Fou a De ld to me that > Madame Gilles was an English > > teacher/proffesor in some capacity. I find that a little odd that she > > would be . After all as I mentioned why did D. let that English trans. of
if she was an English > > teacher) let that take place? It is such a
> > Dialogues (of which he wrote the english preface) make that awful > > mistranslation of Kerouac's book - The Subterraneans as the Underground > > Ones go to press, or why would Madame G.D. (weird mistake - to > translate the > > title of a book from french back into english that was originally an > > american book ! Anyhow this is all sort of amazing that no one seems to > > know, to Know, for sure. Very deterritorializing, very unravelling.
> > > > Oh the mistranslation of Kerouac is on p.51 of the hard-cover > > edition of Dialogues New York Columbia 1987 first and only printing that I > > know of in hard-back. Maybe the soft cover differs.
> **************************

did you read it? 
How come?
don't have it?
and the previous post with the quotings from NiJinkSY ChimeRes was about what precisely?
about? it wasn't about anything except the rattiness of art
and no one 's trusting it anyhow why should they with al l these big oganizations coming along and taking it and turning it into paper money coin electronic databank moneyshit.
art was called something a parrot
and poultry well sometimes its good. and guattari had idears that were exciting so the connection are sometime random finding out juxtaposed thing to thing as in the old station to station of distance calling to one city from another

----------------and the ideas in this concept of another pschiatry are also exciting andf reeing for someone that wants to create
its not creating thats the problemo it's the situations in which its done right, the context